Points of interest

Our television broadcasts

Our television broadcasts...

Our television broadcasts are shown in over 78 countries, including Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Iraq, and Israel.

Our radio broadcast

Our radio broadcasts...

Our radio broadcasts are heard in over 1000 cities across America, including Washington D.C., L.A., San Diego, Dallas, and Houston.

Satellite radio

Satellite radio...

PowerPoint radio is also heard all over America on Sirius XM 131 satellite radio.



In 2011, we received more than 55,000 pieces of mail and phone calls from listeners and viewers.

Connecting with new lives

Connecting with new lives...

We’re adding an average of 110 new ministry contacts every day.

Our website

Our website...

Over 3,000 people worship with us via jackgraham.org each week.

Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional...

PowerPoint features A Daily Devotional from Pastor Graham and an online store offering PowerPoint broadcasts and resources.

New audiences

New audiences...

In addition to this site, PowerPoint with Jack Graham is now streaming on oneplace.com, iDisciple.com and lightsource.com.

Saved lives

Saving knowledge...

250 people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through PowerPoint each month.

Amazing growth

Amazing growth...

We are experiencing amazing growth because of the ongoing prayers and support from listeners and viewers just like you!

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