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Making the Most of Everyday

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The Series: Songs of Daily Inspiration

Every moment lived in God’s presence is a moment for extraordinary praise. Pastor Jack Graham wants to show you how to elevate your life from ordinary to extraordinary, with his 5-message series from the book of Psalms, called Songs of Daily Inspiration. You’ll learn the importance of raising a family grounded in faith. And you’ll be inspired to make the most of every moment you have on this earth, to pursue God always, and to truly rest and rejoice in His presence.

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The Danger of Drifting

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The Series: Going the Distance

A New series by Jack Graham

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  • Songs of Daily Inspiration

    • 01/19Making the Most of Everyday
    • 01/20Homeward Bound
    • 01/21The Soundtrack of Your Life
    • 01/22Everything I need

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