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The Secret of Peace

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The Series: God’s Secrets

Before Jesus died on the cross, he shared God’s secrets with his disciples… secrets that hold the key to facing difficulties and finding joy. In this 10-message series from Jack Graham, you’ll learn what was on the heart of Jesus during the final days of his life. And as you’ll learn, what Jesus shares has the power to transform your life today!

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Run to the Battle

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The Series: Fearless

Looking at a series of stories of followers that were fearless in the face of anythign they faced- we need a bold, confident, robust, muscular christiany as there is no place for fear.

PowerPoint Radio Schedule

  • God’s Secrets

    • 05/27The Secret of Peace
    • 05/28The Secret of Joy
    • 05/29The Secret of Power Part 1
    • 06/01The Secret of Power Part 2
    • 06/02The Secret of Unity
    • 06/03The Secret of Salvation
    • 06/04The Secret of Life
    • 06/05Secrets of the Life That Wins Part 1
    • 06/08Secrets of the Life That Wins - Part 2

PowerPoint TV Schedule

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