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Got Milk?

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The Series: Living in Hope Part 2

If you look around the world today, it’s easy to lose hope. Nations are in conflict… sickness is all around us… perhaps there are even things in your life that seem hopeless or impossible. But as a Christian, there’s no such thing as hopelessness! And in this 5-message series, Part 2 of 3, Jack Graham shows you truth from God’s Word about how you can have hope no matter how things look… or what you’re going through today.

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An Uncomfortable Truth

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The Series: Invisible

While many people only focus on what’s visible, there’s an invisible realm that’s just as real and just as active as the physical world you see! And in this revealing ten-message series called Invisible, Pastor Jack Graham opens a window of understanding into the unseen realities of angels, demons, hell, heaven and other spiritual forces that affect you every day. Getting a glimpse of the Invisible will forever change your perspective on the spirit realm… and yourself!

PowerPoint Radio Schedule

  • Living in Hope Part 2

    • 10/17Got Milk?
    • 10/18Life on the Rock
    • 10/21The Conquering Christ
  • Legacy

    • 10/22Unstoppable
    • 10/23The Legacy of a Godly Mother
    • 10/24Passing the Torch
    • 10/25Going the Distance
    • 10/28The Eternal Word of God
    • 10/29Is the Church Relevant?
    • 10/30Man Up

PowerPoint TV Schedule

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