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Surviving Suffering

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The Series: Portraits of Enduring Faith CD Series

God wants you to have the kind of faith that endures through every situation! And in this powerful 7-CD series called Portraits of Enduring Faith, Pastor Jack Graham introduces you to 7 heroes of the faith to show you how to have the kind of faith that truly endures. Through this series, you’ll learn from faithful followers such as David, who possessed the heart of a champion; Job, who held fast to his faith though all hell raged against him; and Joseph, who resisted temptation and fulfilled God’s dream for his life. Discover how you can glorify God and experience an enduring faith through this powerful 7-CD resource! PEFC

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Scary Message

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The Series: LifeWorks (TV)

Sometimes life works – and sometimes it doesn’t. But in the ups and downs, the good times and bad, and the trials and triumphs, one thing is constant. One thing always works. In his new 12-message CD series, LifeWorks, Pastor Jack Graham takes you straight to the New Testament book of James to show you life-changing biblical truth on subjects like why a Christian worldview is so important to facing trials, how to tame your tongue, and true value as a member of God’s people.

PowerPoint Radio Schedule

  • Portraits of Enduring Faith CD Series

    • 10/29Surviving Suffering
    • 10/30How to Avoid Becoming a Spiritual Casualty
    • 11/02The Leadership America Needs
    • 11/03The Heart of a Champion
    • 11/04The Castaway
    • 11/05Beyond Failure
  • Ablaze

    • 11/06Uprising
    • 11/09Burning in My Soul
    • 11/10All In
    • 11/11Hope for the Hurting
    • 11/12Courageous Christianity
    • 11/13When God Says Go
    • 11/16When Hope Turns to Sight
  • Life Passages

    • 11/17Shepherd of My Soul
    • 11/18Stress Test
    • 11/19Road to Righteousness
    • 11/20No Fear
    • 11/23The Good Life
    • 11/24Onward and Upward

PowerPoint TV Schedule

  • LifeWorks (TV)

    • 11/01Turning Your Trials into Triumphs
    • 11/08What Works When Life Doesn't
    • 11/15Character is a Choice
    • 11/22The Life Changing Power of God's Word
    • 11/29Wisdom and Your Worldview
    • 12/06Healing Prayer
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