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The Champions of Faith Part 1

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The Series: Going the Distance Part 2

New series from Dr. Graham

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Are Same Sex Relationships Really the Same?

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The Series: Straight Up

Message from the series Straight Up

PowerPoint Radio Schedule

  • Going the Distance Part 2

    • 08/17The Champions of Faith Part 2
    • 08/18The Champions of Faith Part 3
    • 08/19Finish
    • 08/20Training Ground
    • 08/21The Rules for the Road
    • 08/24Law of the Harvest
    • 08/25A Christian Lifestyle
    • 08/26Honoring Marriage
    • 08/27Praying it Forward

PowerPoint TV Schedule

  • Straight Up

    • 08/16When Does Life Begin?
    • 08/23Christianity and Socialism
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