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How to Know God's Will for Your Life

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The Series: All In

Dr. Jack Graham examines Romans chapter 12 and encapsulates what it means to live the Christian life. What is a Christian? What does a Christian do? What are we to do as we live for Jesus Christ in our generation?

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Christ Our Passover

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The Series: The Gospel of God

So many today think the Bible contains the Gospel when in reality, the Bible is the Gospel! And in this groundbreaking eleven-message series called The Gospel of God, Pastor Jack Graham looks at some of the most well-known passages of Scripture and uncovers how the thread of the Good News of Jesus Christ has been woven into the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation. Understanding the Gospel of God is sure to forever change the way you read all your favorite Bible stories!

PowerPoint Radio Schedule

  • All In

    • 01/24How to Know God's Will for Your Life
    • 01/27All you Need is Love
    • 01/28Overcoming Evil with Good
  • Current Events

    • 01/29Why?
    • 01/30The Miracle of the Bible
    • 01/31Connect
  • All Things New Part 1

    • 02/03Taken
    • 02/04Face Time
    • 02/05Ghost Riders in the Sky
    • 02/06Terrorism and the Tribulation
    • 02/07Survivors
    • 02/10Blacklist
    • 02/11Thunderstruck

PowerPoint TV Schedule

  • The Gospel of God

    • 01/26The Eternal Security of the Gospel
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