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God used my trial to reignite my faith…and He can do the same for you!

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Start living the joyous, fruit-filled life God has for you!

Everyone struggles in their faith at times. So what do you do when it feels like the flame of your faith is burning low?

Dr. Jack Graham's BRAND-NEW book, Reignite, is a personal work from his heart that shares how God reached down and renewed his faith in one of the darkest times of his life.

Reignite Book

In it, you’ll discover what the Scripture says about how to…

  • Keep your relationship with God from growing stale
  • Focus on Jesus while enduring pain and heartache
  • Create a legacy that advances God's kingdom

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We pray this resource helps you refocus your faith in these uncertain times… so you can live a more joyous, fruit-filled life in Christ!

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Reignite Book